The Benefits of Choosing Uncontested Divorce

There are generally two kinds of divorce – contested and uncontested. A contested divorce occurs when the spouses have disagreements on legal issues, such as the amount of alimony, how properties and debts are divided, and who is going to get child custody. An uncontested divorce occurs when the spouses agree on all legal terms.

According to the website of this Raleigh divorce lawyer, uncontested divorce makes up the majority of divorce cases in the United States. When you think about it, that is quite understandable, considering that uncontested divorce is obviously more advantageous compared to contested divorce.

The legal process is faster

Since the spouses are agreeing on the legal aspects of the separation, there is not much to argue about. This means that the legal process will be less prone to error and will be accomplished faster. Contested divorce is all about contention, so the process may take longer, especially if nobody is going to give in or intentionally take the shorter end of the stick. No matter how much time you have in your hands, a faster legal process is always more attractive.

The legal expenses are significantly lower

Courts and divorce attorneys are not free, so it can easily be argued that a faster legal process can translate to less legal expenses. In fact, due to the simplicity of uncontested divorce, there are instances where spouses don’t even get attorneys to represent them, and that could further cut down the cost of the divorce.

There is little room for excessive emotion

All divorces are emotional. But it can be argued that contested divorces involve a lot more emotion compared to uncontested divorces. This is because of the argumentative and adversarial nature of contested divorces. Too much emotion can be a hindrance in the divorce process, like when your anger stops you from giving in to compromise and make the divorce process longer.