Causes of Tread Separation in Tires

Tread separation can happen suddenly and cause crashes that hurt all involved. Typically the issue will develop undetected over time until the tire is no longer able to stay together and separation occurs. Some Iowa personal injury lawyers state that there are four main causes of tire separation to be aware of: careless driving, excessive wear, poor flat repair, and defects.

Driving carelessly can cause much more than just tire separation. As for separation, potholes are what you need to watch out for. Your car is able to absorb the shock from smaller holes as moderate speeds, and bigger holes at slower speeds. If you hit a hole going too fast, separation, and a blowout, can occur.

Tires are meant to last for a certain number of miles when taken care of properly. Driving on the same tires for more than they are meant to handle can increase your risk for separation. Over inflating your tires can increase your risk as well, by reducing the tires’ ability to absorb shock and collecting wear much more quickly than normal.

Sometimes when you get a flat it is possible to have the tire patched and plugged to avoid having to purchase a new one. If the puncture is not prepared properly before the plug is inserted, the tip of the plug can be forced between two layers of the tire, forming a small bubble of separation. This bubble expands across the whole tire until it separates or is replaced.

Manufacturer defects are small in number but account for many of the separation accidents that occur. Tires are made up of multiple layers of rubber, fabric, and metal wires. If the manufacturer has a poor design, or if chemicals are not used properly, these layers will not be able to bond together and separation will be more likely to occur.