What Happens after a Before and After Day?

Have you ever had a before and after day? A day that starts out like any other and all of a sudden, when you’re about to lay your weary head to rest, you realize that every other day from that day forward has been irrevocably shaped by the events of that one fateful day? That’s a before and after day – and more often than not, these days are shaped by intense loss and grief. Death can have such an effect on the living that aside from love, this is probably the most talked about subject in all of literature. It can tell you a lot of about the priorities of human nature.

So when someone you love suddenly dies due to something that could have been and should have been prevented, it is then the duty of the surviving family or beneficiaries of the deceased to file for a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death falls under the jurisdiction of personal injury and these cases are, typically, never straightforward and are extremely difficult to handle. Emotionally charged and increasingly stressful, legal action can seem like an unnecessary burden when so much has already happened. Do not be tempted by this path.

According to the website of West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller and Overbeck, P.A., Florida has a statute of limitations that means survivors of the deceased can only file for a wrongful death lawsuit within two years. This kind of situation is more or less the same is other states, as well as other parts of the world. If the deceased was your family’s primary income earner – and if the death has given the family more expenses in the way of outstanding medical bills as well as funeral expenses – then the guilty party is legally liable to handle those expenses in order for the surviving beneficiaries to be able to recover as easily as possible.

It can be a stressful time but if you or someone you know has had to suffer through a situation like this, it is recommended that you take legal action immediately. The duties of a wrongful death attorney extend to duties of care, compassion, and sympathy and should make sure that you need not stress about the small stuff, allowing for you to grieve and recovery in peace.